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Take Action: How You Can Help

Born Free USA will do what we can to improve the laws and ensure that they are enforced. The fact is, however, that everyone has the power to effect change for animals like those we found neglected and injured in the course of this investigation. Here's how you can get involved in the effort to stop the suffering of animals sold in pet shops:

  • Download a Free Pet Shop Check List Download our Free "Pet Shop Check List," designed as a quick guide to help you identify and document problems in pet shops, to aid in reporting conditions to law enforcement authorities, and to facilitate corrective action and routine inspections. To download your free "Pet Shop Check List" go to our Online Catalog.

  • Use your consumer power to stop animal exploitation by refusing to shop at stores that sell live animals and by supporting only responsible retailers that refuse to sell animals.

  • Don't purchase an animal from a pet store. If you feel you are qualified and prepared to provide lifetime care for an animal, adopt one from an animal rescue group, your local shelter or humane society, or someone who has lost the interest or ability to care for an animal in his or her possession.

  • Report any inhumane conditions observed at a pet shop to your local animal control agency and to the appropriate local business bureau or consumer affairs agency.

  • Write a letter to politely urge the pet shops in your area to stop selling live animals. View our sample letter (Adobe Acrobat PDF) and make multiple copies to use at tabling and outreach events. Provide the address and name of the store you are targeting and send or deliver multiple letters to the store.

  • Report poor pet shop conditions to the Avian Welfare Coalition (Born Free USA is a member).

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