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Captive Exotic Animals: Wild at Heart

Every year, millions of exotic animals are captured from the wild or produced in captivity for commercial profit or human amusement, only to languish in conditions that fail to meet their instinctive behavioral and physical needs.

Born Free USA aims to reduce the suffering of captive exotic animals by raising public awareness of the cruel and destructive exotic animal trade, by increasing legal protections for captive exotic animals, and by supporting efforts aimed at preserving wildlife's rightful place in the wild.

Our campaigns focus largely on captive birds, exotic "pets", and nonhuman primates. Our circus campaign also involves advocacy on behalf of captive exotic animals, including elephants, lions, bears, and tigers exploited under the big top.

For more information about the plight of captive exotic animals, and how you and Born Free USA can work together to help them, visit www.morebeautifulwild.com.

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