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Trial Documents & Exhibits

Elephant Studies

  • WC 153: Hart, Ben: Fly Switching by Asian Elephants (Exhibit 10 to Ben Hart's Deposition)
  • WC 154: Hart, Ben: Cognitive Behavior in Asian Elephants (Exhibit 4 to Ben Hart's Deposition)
  • WC 155: Hart, Ben: Large Brains and Cognitions: Where do elephants brains fit in? (Exhibit 15 to Ben Hart's Deposition)
  • WC 156: Williams & Friend: Behavior of Circus Elephants During Transport (Exhibit 14 to Ben Hart's Deposition)
  • WC 157: Gruber: Variation in Stereotypic Behavior Related to Restraint in Circus Elephants (Exhibit 13 to Ben Hart's Deposition)
  • WC 158: The Effects of Penning versus Picketing on Stereotypic Behavior of Circus Elephants (Exhibit 12 to Ben Hart's Deposition)
  • WC 159: Schmid: Keeping Circus Elephants Temporarily in Paddocks — the Effects on their Behavior (Exhibit 7 to Ben Hart's Deposition)
  • WC 163: Laule, G. Protected Contact and Elephant Welfare. In An Elephants in the Room: The Science and Well Beings of Elephants in Captivity
  • WC 164: Laule, G. The Role of Fear in Abnormal Behavior and Animal Welfare Laule, G. Positive Reinforcement and Environmental Enrichment: Enhancing Animal Well Being Laule, G. The use of Positive Reinforcement Training Techniques to Enhance the Care, Management and Welfare of Primates in the Laboratory
  • WC 166: Buckley, Carol. Captive Elephant Foot Care: Natural — Habitat Husbandry Techniques from The Elephants Foot (2001)

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