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Animals in the Circus: Campaign Media

The Billboard They Won't Let You See

Highlighting the lifetime of misery that circus animals face this controversial new billboard has been launched by us as part of an advertising campaign rolling out nationwide.

The billboard depicting a Ringling elephant in chains and asking the question, "Would you chain your dog for most of her life? Why pay a circus to do it to animals?" has been refused by national outdoor advertisers to appear on a static billboard, but has appeared, and will continue to appear, on a specially secured "mobile" billboard that drives around key cities to reveal the plight of circus animals to the public.

If you believe your area will accept our other billboard design, featuring Lota the elephant, you can boldly spread the message that animal circuses mean a lifetime of misery for the animals.

We provide the billboard materials; all you need to do is secure the space, and many billboard companies offer non-profit rates.

For more information on how to secure and display a billboard in your area, please contact us at 916-447-3085 or advocacy@bornfreeusa.org.

Additional Campaign Advertisements

"Lifetime of Misery" Print Advertisement

We also offer a free print advertisement to activists securing space in the newspaper, local distributions such as weekly entertainment segments, publication, student yearbooks, athletic rosters, or anywhere else you can think to advertise that animals do not belong in the circus.

Due to the various sizes and shapes available for print ads, all you have to do is secure the space and provide us with the company's contact information so we can send a sample ad and the ad elements directly. In addition to offering non-profit rates, many companies will lay out the ad for free when you purchase space, so be sure to inquire and we can send the company our non-profit number.

For more information, please contact us at 916-447-3085 or advocacy@bornfreeusa.org.

Broadcast Television PSA Spot

 Preview Video - :30

Public Radio PSA Spot

 Preview in Mp3 Audio - :60

Public Service Announcements are a great way to spread the word about the plight of animals in circuses to a large audience. Running a PSA is usually less expensive than outdoor advertising (billboards) or print ads, making it a great tool with which to educate the public. Activists secure and purchase space on cable and radio channels, and we supply you with the PSA. Please contact us for details and to order your free PSA.

Want to Do More?

Let us teach you how to run a campaign. We'll show you every aspect step-by-step with our Advocacy 101, a user-friendly manual for letter writing, working with media, broadening your base of support, and mobilizing others.