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Canadian Projects

Canadian Projects: Cormorants

Canada Geese

The lethal culling of double-crested Cormorants in so much of North America epitomizes all that is wrong and deceitful about so much wildlife management, and has resulted in thousands of innocent and harmless birds being killed or wounded, usually as they are seeking to nest, sometimes seeing their young die of exposure, or knocked down and stomped upon. We helped form Cormorant Defenders International to fight this scourge, focusing on Ontario, where federal, provincial and municipal governments all had cormorants in their sights. We have prevented or reduced several culls in Canada. This work is ongoing, but much remains to be done, not the least of which is educating the public, media and governments about these birds. They are "among the most demonized and vilified of all wildlife," according to our Canadian representative, "and yet among the most innocuous in terms of human interests."

For a detailed account of cormorant issues in Canada, read BFUSA Senior Program Associate Barry Kent MacKay's "Why Cormorants Can't Kill All the Fish."

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