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Victims of Vanity: Take Action!

Legislative Action

Legislation is needed to provide basic protection to wild animals and dogs and cats who can be injured or killed in traps. For a summary of state trapping regulations see our State Trapping Report Card.

Born Free USA has model legislation and offers assistance to lawmakers in passing this type of legislation. Born Free USA offers extensive experience in drafting this type of legislation, mobilizing grass-roots efforts, lobbying and testifying at hearings. For more information contact legislation@bornfreeusa.org.

 View current trapping related legislation

Citizen Action

As a compassionate citizen, you can support federal, state, and local legislation aimed at increasing trapping regulations or banning the use of cruel traps and snares. Find out how you can organize your own trapping campaign.

Urge you state fish and game or wildlife agencies to ban cruel trapping practices and/or to increase trapping regulations. Learn more about changing trapping regulations.

Stay informed of how you can help wildlife in your state and around the world by joining Born Free USA's Action Alert team.

Consumer Action

Don't buy fur and don't shop at stores that sell real fur. Better yet, make a special point to support retailers (both in the United States and internationally) who have signed on to the international fur free retailer program. The program recognizes only those retailers who have committed, in writing, to a no-fur policy.

Don't see your favorite retailer on our lists? Then let them know it's important to you.

Join other compassionate consumers on our fur free retailer Facebook page.

Retailer Action

Retailers must understand that no fur garments are made compassionately.

Refusing to sell fur and signing on to the International Fur Free Retailer Program is not only good for the environment and the welfare of animals, but also good for business at a time when compassion is in fashion. For more information or to join contact info@furfreeshopping.com.

Consumers for a Fur Free Society